9 Women in Music Tech (WoMuTe) Heroes. Illustration by Oscar Martinez Castells.

This is the website and blog of the organization Women Nordic Music Technology (WoNoMute) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in partnership with University of Oslo (UiO). WoNoMute has been founded by Anna Xambó in August 2018, and aims to promote and connect the work of women in music tech at local, national and international levels. The networked organization is growing quickly thanks to the generous financial support of both NTNU and UiO and the excellent contributions of its members. It is thanks to the work and collaboration of contributors and advisors (see the committee webpage for the full list of committee members and roles) that WoNoMute is what it is. WoNoMute is an open space defined and discussed by its members and produces content that should be available to all people. You can read our charter here.