• An Interview with Samantha Melnyk

    An Interview with Samantha Melnyk

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Samantha is a designer, fabricator and researcher at KORG Berlin. With the team, Samantha creates more sustainability-minded infrastructures for its products. With a background in architecture, digital and robotic fabrication, and circular design, she has been part of projects that span from architectural pavilions, footwear, haptic devices and musical instruments. »Read more

  • An Interview with Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad

    An Interview with Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad is a composer and performer from the island of Stord in Sunnhordland. She has a background in improvisation and electroacoustic music and work with vocals / song, live electronics, field recordings and text writing for use in compositions and installations. She has worked as a composer and musician in theater and dance performances where live electronics and electroacoustic sound images have been a central part of the expression. She is often involved in interdisciplinary projects. In November 2019, she started as an artistic research fellow at NTNU, connected to the department of music technology. »Read more

  • An Interview with Sarah Fdili Alaoui

    An Interview with Sarah Fdili Alaoui

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Sarah Fdili Alaoui is assistant professor in Interaction Design at Université Paris Saclay. She is also a media artist, a choreographer dancer, mathematician and computer scientist. Sarah holds a PhD in Arts and Sciences from IRCAM and trained ballet and contemporary dance since 20 years. She has been working in many European Art projects, collaborating with choreographers, visual artists, computer scientists and designers to create interactive installations, performances and tools for supporting choreography. »Read more

  • An Interview with Jenny Berger Myhre

    An Interview with Jenny Berger Myhre

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Jenny is a multidisciplinary artist working with sound, video and photography. Her music is created from field recordings, computer generated sequences, modular synths and lo-fi electronics resulting in soundscapes with references to both the electro-acoustic tradition as well as experimental pop music. Jenny's work revolves around personal documentation and archives, intimacy, memory, reality and re-contextualisation. Since the release of her debut album “Lint” in 2017, she has been working with musician and novelist Jenny Hval. In 2021 she received the Norwegian Arts Council’s work grant for young artists. »Read more

  • An Interview with Emma Frid

    An Interview with Emma Frid

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Emma Frid is a postdoctoral researcher at Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/ Musique (IRCAM), Paris, France and KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden, where she works on sound and music interfaces designed to promote health and inclusion. Her research interests focus predominantly on Accessible Digital Musical Instruments (ADMIs) and multimodal interfaces. She holds a PhD in Sound and Music Computing from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden and a Master of Science in Engineering in Media Technology from the same university. »Read more

  • Visual Music - An interview with Maura McDonnell

    Visual Music - An interview with Maura McDonnell

    Interview by Joni Mok

    Maura McDonnell is an Irish visual music artist, musician, educator and researcher who has been involved in visual music since 1997. In this article, we discuss some of her working methods and media in visual music. »Read more

  • An Interview with Astrid Bin

    An Interview with Astrid Bin

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Astrid Bin is a Music Technology Researcher at Ableton, where her research is centred around the design of musical environments and interfaces. Astrid Bin is also one of the founding developers of Bela (bela.io), an embedded computing platform for creating responsive interactive projects. Her research interests include human-computer interaction, graphical interface design, design and fabrication of interactive objects, the language of materials, protocols and applications for interactive hardware, and how computers affect the experience of making art. »Read more

  • An Interview with Marije Baalman

    An Interview with Marije Baalman

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Marije Baalman is an artist and researcher/developer working in the field of interactive sound art. She worked as a hardware engineer at STEIM between 2011 and 2016. Since 2010 she works as a freelance artist and developer from Amsterdam. Her current research goes into the use of wireless networks for live performance, installations and interactive environments. In her artistic work she is interested in the realtime components of the work. This is expressed with tools such as physical computing, livecoding, digital and analog sound processing, and improvisation. To realise her works she mostly uses open source technology (software and hardware) and she is an active contributor to the open source community. »Read more

  • An Interview with Rebecca Fiebrink

    An Interview with Rebecca Fiebrink

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Photo by Shreejay Shrestha. Rebecca Fiebrink is a Reader in the Creative Computing Institute at University of the Arts London. Rebecca Fiebrink gave the keynote talk 'Machine learning as (Meta-) instrument' at the International Conference on Live Interfaces 2020 at Rockheim in Trondheim, Norway. We had the opportunity to talk with Rebecca Fiebrink during her visit. »Read more

  • An Interview with Rebekah Wilson

    An Interview with Rebekah Wilson

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Photo by Shreejay Shrestha. Rebekah Wilson is an independent researcher, technologist and composer. Originating from New Zealand she studied instrumental and electroacoustic music composition, and taught herself computer technology. In the early 2000s her intricate entwining within the tessellating narratives of Netochka Nezvanova became most public as she held the role of artistic co-director at STEIM, Amsterdam, where her passions for music, performance and technology became fused. Since 2004 she has been co-founder and technology director for Chicago’s Source Elements, developing services that exploit the possibilities of networked sound and data for the digital sound industry while continuing to perform and lecture internationally. Having recently completed her masters in the field of networked music performance, she pursues her research today while dis-entangling / re-interlacing her many technical, musical and cinematic threads. »Read more

  • An Interview with Sølvi Ystad

    An Interview with Sølvi Ystad

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Photo by Robin Støckert. Sølvi Ystad received her degree as a civil engineer in electronics from NTH (Norges Tekniske Høgskole), Trondheim, Norway in 1992. In 1998 she received a joint Ph.D. degree labeled « European PhD Thesis » from NTNU, Trondheim and from the University of Aix-Marseille II, Marseille. After a post doctoral stay at the University of Stanford - CCRMA, California, she obtained a researcher position at the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) in Marseille, in 2002. She co-founded the interdisciplinary art-science laboratory PRISM - Perception, Representations, Image, Sound, Music – (2017) in Marseille and the Master program “Acoustics and Musicology” (2018) at the Aix-Marseille University. »Read more

  • An Interview with Liz Dobson

    An Interview with Liz Dobson

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Dr Elizabeth Dobson is a National Teaching Fellow of the HEA, and Principle Enterprise Fellow in music technology at The University of Huddersfield, where she teaches modules in sonic arts and electronica, sound for media, computer based composition, and empirical research for musicians. After completing her PhD on social psychology and creativity in music technology education, she founded/co-founded two knowledge-sharing projects: CollabHub, and Yorkshire Sound Women Network C.I.C., and maintains an ongoing commitment to new interdisciplinary research on inclusive music technology education. »Read more

  • An Interview with Pamela Z

    An Interview with Pamela Z

    Interview by Tone Åse & Karolina Jawad

    Pamela Z is a composer/performer and media artist who makes solo works combining a wide range of vocal techniques with electronic processing, samples, gesture activated MIDI controllers, and video. She is based in San Fransisco/New York and has toured extensively throughout the US, Europe, and Japan. Her work has been presented at venues and exhibitions including Bang on a Can (NY), the Japan Interlink Festival, Other Minds (SF), the Venice Biennale, and the Dakar Biennale. She’s created installations and has composed scores for dance, film, and chamber ensembles (including Kronos Quartet). Her awards include a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Doris Duke Artist Impact Award, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation residency, the Herb Alpert Award, and an Ars Electronica honorable mention, and the NEA/Japan-US Fellowship. On her visit to Norway she will do several talks and workshops, (UiO, WoNoMute/NTNU) concerts (Ny Musikk Trondheim, Voxlab Oslo) and also show the installation Sound Gestures at TEKS, Trondheim Electronic Art Center. »Read more

  • An Interview with Natasha Barrett

    An Interview with Natasha Barrett

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Natasha Barrett is a composer of acousmatic and live electroacoustic concert works, sound and multi-media installations, and interactive music. She is a leading voice in the new wave of artists working with ambisonics, 3-D sound, and its contemporary music context. »Read more

  • An Interview with Sofia Dahl

    An Interview with Sofia Dahl

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Sofia Dahl holds a PhD in Speech and Music communication from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. She is associate professor at Aalborg University, campus Copenhagen and has been Visiting Associate Professor in Embodied Music Cognition at University of Oslo. With a background from electrical engineering and musicology, Dahl’s research interests relate to how we produce, perceive and communicate with music with a focus on rhythmic movement and emotional communication. Over time, Dahl’s field of research has become increasingly transdisciplinary and spans disciplines such as music cognition and psychology, music performance, neuroscience, media technology, and music acoustics. »Read more

  • An Interview with Angela Brennecke

    An Interview with Angela Brennecke

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Angela Brennecke is professor of „Audio and Interactive Media Technologies“ at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF as well as a passionate musician and illustrator. She graduated in Computational Visualistics in 2004 and received a doctoral degree in Computer Graphics in 2009 from the University of Rostock, Germany. Due to her lifelong passion for music, thereafter she worked as software developer and technical project manager for „Native Instruments“ from 2009 to 2014. In 2015, Angela took a break from business to pursue personal artistic goals as well as to set new goals in her professional career. The following year, she joined the „Innovation Projects“ team of the German public broadcaster „Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg“ and participated in several ICT proposals for H2020 as a project engineer before becoming professor at Film University in 2017. Her research interests focus on audio-visual mood representation as well as interactions with sound through visuals. »Read more

  • An Interview with Tami Gadir

    An Interview with Tami Gadir

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Tami Gadir is commencing a new role as Lecturer in Music Industry at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. Gadir has completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Oslo and holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh supervised by Simon Frith. Gadir’s research addresses the various mechanisms that promote or hinder participation in musical cultures, through the sounds, technologies, and cultures of contemporary, electronically-produced dance music. Such themes will feature in a forthcoming book with Bloomsbury Academic press, based on eight years of participant observation and interviews with DJs, producers, and clubbers in international electronic dance music communities. The book provides an expressly critical feminist-intersectional, anti-capitalist appraisal of dance music cultures as a counterpoint to the dominant utopian, celebratory interpretations of underground scenes by scholars, media, and fans. Gadir is a co-founding committee member of GeMus: Gender and Music Network and an active DJ. »Read more

  • An Interview with Tone Åse

    An Interview with Tone Åse

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Working with electronic voice-sound and acoustic voice sound, Tone Åse interacts with her fellow musicians both as a singer and as a soundmaker, stretching the instrumental capabilities of the voice and the live electronics in the improvised interplay. Her work is very much developed through her collaborations, with her trio BOL, her duo Voxpheria, and a range of other projects. Her experimental work with the vocal ensemble started as a founding member of Kvitretten (1991-2001) and continued as a member of, and for 2006-2011 artistic leader of, the improvising vocal ensemble Trondheim Voices. Her work with voice and live electronics has thus been the subject for her doctoral work within the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (2008-2012). Åse has released several CD’s with her groups and also composed music for film, theatre, various ensembles and projects. Åse is from 2012 Associate professor at Department of Music, NTNU. »Read more

  • An Interview with Alexandra Murray-Leslie

    An Interview with Alexandra Murray-Leslie

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Dr. Alexandra Murray-Leslie is artistic researcher & co-founder of art band Chicks on Speed. Her research focuses on iterative prototyping of semantic foot devices for audiovisual theatrical expression in water, air and on land. She is adjunct faculty at The University of Art and Design, Linz. Current projects include being invited artistic research fellow, ARTEC program, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) 2018. »Read more

  • An Interview with Miranda Moen

    An Interview with Miranda Moen

    Interview by Karolina Jawad

    Miranda Moen is a master student of Equality and Diversity at the NTNU institute of interdisciplinary culture studies. Her thesis studies newer discourses of inclusion and diversity in the arts sector, and how the understanding of disability in the Norwegian society coincide with these discourses. Starting her music business career 2011 in Berlin, her professional interests soon developed into equality activism in music. From 2015-2018 she was a project manager at Ladyfest Oslo and is now a board member in the Balansekunst association, works at AKKS Trondheim and with the KOSO collective. Moen is educated in aesthetics (UiB) and arts management (Oslomet). »Read more