• Miranda Moen: Diversity, Ableism and Technology in Music (30.10.18)
  • Alexandra Murray-Leslie: The Liberation of the Feet: Costuming the Foot for Theatrical Audiovisual Expression As a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ (26.11.18)
  • Tone Åse: Voice, Electronics and Improvisation: Artistic Material and Musical Roles (21.1.19)
  • Tami Gadir: The Musical Technological Body (4.2.19)
  • Angela Brennecke: What’s (in) your Story?
  • Pamela Z: Voice and Instruments (4.4.19)
  • Pamela Z: Works and Processes (8.4.19)
  • Sofia Dahl: Looking at Musical Movements (6.5.19)
  • Natasha Barrett: Composing Tangible Sounds in Space (23.9.19)
  • Liz Dobson: Interaction, Agency and The Role of Talk in Music Technology Education (14.10.19)
  • Sølvi Ystad: Perceptual Engineering as a Means to Interpret and Manipulate Human Perception (4.11.19)