This playlist showcases the work of 11 artists from the WoNoMute network: Tone Åse, Natasha Barrett, Ane Bjerkan, Ada Hoel, Liz Dobson, Mari Lesteberg, Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad, Ximena Alarcón Díaz, Anna Xambó, Kristin Nordeval and Alex-Murray Leslie (Chicks on Speed together with Melissa Logan). This playlist celebrates 10 years of the music event Festival en Tiempo Real, and is a collaboration with her director Ana Maria Romano. The sound creations are framed within experimental, glitch, electroacoustic and contemporary, pieces where there is an encounter with the technology (from an open sense). This playlist has been curated by Anna Xambó and Karolina Jawad from Ana Maria Romano’s initiative, in conversation with all the playlist contributors.

Track listing

  • Tone Åse / Thomas Strønen - Raised, Rave (9:53)
  • Natasha Barrett - Involuntary Expression Stereo Extract (from middle of the piece) (3:08)
  • Ane Bjerkan - We Are the Young Ones (5:36)
  • Ada Hoel - Under / Time (7:16)
  • Dekanter (Liz Dobson) - Body Part (1:28)
  • Mari Lesteberg - Adventures of a Little Girl (4:13)
  • Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad Trio - Mista Deg (4:48)
  • Ximena Alarcón Díaz - INTIMAL (extract) (7:22)
  • Anna Xambó - Kicks & Cuts (2:21)
  • Kristin Norderval - A Summons (7:57)
  • Chicks on Speed - Age of FANTASY _Heaven (6:15)

The playlist starts with Raised, Rave by Tone Åse and Thomas Strønen from the album Voxpheria. This piece explores the limits of experimental jazz and live electronics with the stunning voice of Tone Åse, which is deconstructed and defragmented over the course of the piece.

We continue with an extract of Natasha Barrett’s Involuntary Expression, an acousmatic composition realised in 6th-order 3D ambisonics commisioned by Notam. In this piece, Barrett explores the theme of human agency. To create the piece, Barrett used a 3D motion-capture camera system to investigate physical movement. The piece travels through unknown territories that are revealed with proficient suspense.

The piece We Are the Young Ones by Ane Bjerkan is a self-production with a drum machine and a green bullet through guitar amp. Ane’s magnetic voice drives us through a melancholic tone combined with a fresh instrumental beat.

Next, Ada Hoel’s Under / Time brightly experiments with ethereal textures of her unique voice and electronic music inspired by underwater aesthetics. The piece was made in Ableton Live with cross-adaptive mixing techniques and there is a fantastic companion video, which was processed with M4L-plugin RokVid.

Liz Dobson’s Body Part is a short and memorable instrumental piece that experiments wisely with sound and space. The piece is constructed from recordings of Dobson’s violin.

Mari Lesteberg’s Adventures of a Little Girl is a tribute to synthesizer-driven sound exploring its expressivity and capacity of story telling from a distinctive perspective.

Mista Deg by Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad Trio with Anne Hytta (Hardanger fiddle), Are Lothe Kolbeinsen (guitar) and Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad (song and harmonium) looks into the intersection between past and present rethinking the sound of Norwegian folk music from a contemporary stance.

INTIMAL by Ximena Alarcón Díaz is an extract of her latest telematic sonic performance as part of her Interfaces for Relating Listening (INTIMAL) project, a long distance improvisation located in Oslo, Barcelona and London. The migratory journeys of nine Colombian women is mediated through body movement, voice and language over the Internet.

Kicks & Cuts by Anna Xambó is a remix of her other piece Kicks, which explores an original source produced with EarSketch within the self-built live coding environment MIRLC. The rhythm of the source is replicated forming subtle out of phases. The rhythmic audio features of the audio source determine the shape of overlaid noisy beeps, and related glitchy sounds from are combined to produce a compact textural sound mass.

In “A Summons”, the composer and vocalist Kristin Norderval explores an improvisation only using acoustic voice, which is sampled and processed in real time. This piece is from her solo album Aural Histories: Post-Ambient Arias For Voice And Electronics, released on Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening label in 2012. Alex Ross - The New Yorker´s classical music critic - listed the album among his Top 10 favorite classical recordings for 2012.

We finish this playlist with a bonus track, Age of FANTASY _Heaven, by Chicks on Speed (Alex Murray-Leslie & Melissa Logan). This new and fresh material from the critically acclaimed feminist music and fine art ensemble celebrates the world of fantasy interwoven with electroclash beats.